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Being a parent or carer to a child or young person can often be difficult without emotional support and guidance there to help. Many parents feel confused by what information is available or struggle to access services close to home.

Our free National Parent Support Service tackles these issues in a new and innovative way by using a network of ‘virtual’ volunteers from across the country to support parents and carers through telephone calls, email and text message.


The service aims to:

  • Help parents and carers manage the challenges of parenthood
  • Provide immediate support to parents and carers in need
  • Provide longer term, regular one-to-one befriending support to parents feeling isolated
  • Help parents with practical information, guidance and support
  • Provide emotional and listening support to help parents and carers
  • Help parents and carers understand and access relevant services and information

How it works

Our National Parent Support Service uses a team of trained volunteers with knowledge and experience of managing the challenges of parenthood to support parents and carers ‘virtually’ by telephone, text message and email.

The service works with four types of volunteers, each providing specific aspects of support or expertise.

Parent Helpline Volunteer – the first point of contact for parents and carers accessing the service, providing a range of immediate support as well as signposting callers to our volunteer virtual befrienders.

Virtual Parent Befriender – providing one to one weekly support sessions to parents and carers, focusing on practical parenting information, listening and emotional support.

Virtual Expert – providing our virtual befrienders and parent helpline volunteers with the information and expertise they need in key areas such as health, education, housing, social care, legal etc. to be able to help parents more effectively.

Virtual Counsellor – Providing 6-8 sessions of counselling and more in depth support to parents and carers referred to them by other service volunteers.

How to access the service

Accessing our free National Parent Support service couldn’t be easier. Any parent or carer from anywhere in England and Wales can get in touch with the service via telephone, text message or email using the below details.

Opening times:

Monday to Friday 6pm-10pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am-1pm

Telephone: 0808 802 0222

Text message: 07537 404 282


Volunteer with this service

Want to help us make a difference to the lives of parents and carers? Find out more about volunteering with this and other services here.