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Celebrating 5 years of FamilyLine  

22 January 2024

Five years on from when our Royal Patron, HRH The Princess of Wales, launched our free helpline for families, we look back and celebrate the difference that FamilyLine has made. 

In 2019, marking our 150th anniversary, we launched a new national helpline with our Royal Patron, HRH The Princess of Wales. FamilyLine was born out of a real need for a free, one-stop shop for anyone over the age of 18 who needed help, support or just a listening ear for any family problem. 

The Princess of Wales’s visit  

We were delighted to welcome The Princess of Wales to FamilyLine’s launch where she met staff and volunteers and spoke to some of the young people and families we support. During a training session for the team, we also discussed with The Princess how mental health challenges can affect parents and carers as well as the difficulties we see families facing.  

At the launch two families who spoke with The Princess also discussed the pressures they face, while a group of young carers explained what it was like looking after their loved ones. 

We are so grateful to The Princess of Wales for being at the launch our FamilyLine, for her continued support of Family Action as our Royal Patron and for her commitment to helping families. 

Celebrating 5 years  

FamilyLine has gone from strength to strength over the last five years and supported thousands of struggling families across the country. Volunteers have given over 14,880 hours of their time to be there at the end of a phone, text, email or web chat when families need a helping hand, from providing information and guidance on everyday issues to providing more in-depth support on complex topics. We’re incredibly proud of the difference the FamilyLine team has made and continues to make. 

We’re also grateful for the support of our partner LV= General Insurance who have enabled us to reach even more families and take a deeper look at the challenges they face through joint research into the lasting impact of the pandemic. Along with funding FamilyLine’s extra support, staff from across the organisation have volunteered with the service and taken part in fundraising with an eagerness and commitment to making a difference. 

The challenges facing families today  

No-one could have predicted the huge changes made to all of our lives since FamilyLine launched in 2019. The global pandemic, international conflict and the cost-of-living crisis have all had a serious impact on families, and their effects are still being felt today.  

When times are hard, talking about things is often the first step to getting help and support – but it can feel like a big step. FamilyLine being there – free and easily accessible – is more important now than ever. Whatever’s happened or happening in a family; however overwhelming or confusing things may feel, FamilyLine is here to help. 

If you’re struggling with any family issue, contact our free FamilyLine for information and support. 

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