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Whether it’s sharing a meal or discussing a new recipe, food can help to bring people together, to connect with others, and to make new friends, as one of our FOOD Club members explains:

“…. for those that have helped me so much this year, I hope you all get to hear how much of a difference you have all made in mine and my children’s life this year.  

Not only have we received food items we have never eaten before, tried new recipes and been blessed so much with the amazing contents but I also found that I feel I have true friendship with you all. I look forward to seeing you all and you always greet me with a smile.   

You always seem so pleased to see me and it really brightens my day. I think it’s amazing that you all seem to genuinely care. I can’t tell you what a lovely feeling that is … the lovely things you have all said to me has helped me through a really sad time in my life.  

All the advice about different ways I can receive more affordable food has made such a difference to us as a family. I have learnt to make new meals, see the kids’ excited faces when they see what we have received, had more variety with items … I’ve learnt to enjoy cooking. Uploading pictures that you praise me for touches my heart and makes me feel good or proud about what I have cooked. 

Life can seem a little grim sometimes and it can feel like the world is a bad place but then there are people like you that make you stop and think … this world has many beautiful, caring people in it. You have made me feel supported, that I’m not alone worrying about food. I love that you give me ideas on how to cook a meal with the items I receive.”