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FOOD Club is about more than just food, as one of our members explains.

“I heard about FOOD Club when a link was shared on Facebook by a children’s centre. I work part-time, but we still need help with buying food for our family of four. The money saved helps buy more food and pay the household bills as our wages are really stretched now.

I hate waste and the fact that the food we get each week could have been thrown away also really appeals to me. 

I introduced my sister to FOOD Club and we both think the staff and volunteers are lovely. She has also been signposted to other supportive services for her SEN child. We like the additional fun things FOOD Club runs, such as parties and go whenever it fits with work.

There are always surprises at the weekly club itself. We liked the brunch bags and herbs and growing packs – and often buy bundles of extra food including an enormous bag of macaroni! 

I love cooking from scratch, and I use the fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat/fish to batch cook after FOOD Club. I freeze and chill food and it helps to not have to put the oven/hob on every day. The recipes that are given out help with new meal ideas.

We are really lucky that our club venue has a garden and vegetables and fruit come straight from there sometimes. I have told so many people about FOOD Club as I love it.”