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Welcome to the Solihull SENDIAS webpage for young people. Here you can find out what we do, how to contact us, and links to useful videos and other resources. If there is something you think we should include or change on this page, let us know!

What is a SENDIAS service?

SENDIAS means special educational needs and disability information, advice and support service.

  • Do you have a special educational need or a disability?
  • Are you aged 16 to 25?
  • Do you live in Solihull?

If so, you can contact the Solihull SENDIAS team if you have a question, or would like some advice, about education, health or social care.

Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

How exactly can we help?

We can give you advice and support with all kinds of things, like:

  • understanding complicated documents
  • filling out forms
  • preparing for meetings with your school / college (and we can come with you)

We can also help you to understand the Education Health Care Plan (EHC Plan) process, and give you advice on education, health and social care issues you are having.

We can help you make your views and wishes clear to professionals, and we can tell you about other organisations that can help you. We can also offer lots of other kinds of support.

Read how we will Work Together with children and young people.

Meet the team

Find out more about us:

Will you tell other people what we talk about?

We won’t talk to other people about anything you tell us (unless you say we can, or if we think you could be in danger). We will help you to make your own decisions and won’t tell you what to do.

Do you charge people?

No, our help and advice is free.


In our family Survey, you said

you wanted resources to help you have a voice”,

so we have developed a resource pack to gather Children & Young Persons Views (see below under Useful information) . 


You can still tell us your views by completing our family survey, here

Useful information

Here are some documents that you might find useful:

  • Solihull SENDIAS information
    This is our service leaflet, which says how we can help you and how to contact us.
  • Children & Young Person consent form
    We need your consent to keep information about you & so we can talk to other people who are supporting you.
  • Easy read Minimum Standards for IASS 2019
    These are the rules that Solihull SENDIAS service has to work to.
  • What is SEND?
    This explains what people mean when they say SEND
  • Why your views are important
    This explains why your thoughts and feelings are important to us and other professionals
  • Children & Young Person Views                                                                                                                                                    This collection of resources can help you share your views on school & your life.
  • Support in college/school
    This explains what support you could be getting and how to get more help.
  • SENDIAS outcomes and aspirations factsheet                                                                                                                            This helps you understand what ‘outcomes & ‘aspirations’ are. These words are used a lot to describe what you want for the future. The document also says what your support should be helping you to do.
  • The EHC process
  • This explains the process for Education, Health and Care assessments.
  • Useful words about EHCPs
    This explains words that you may hear when people talk about the help you need.
  • My Annual Review                                                                                                                                                                   EHCP’s MUST be reviewed at least once a year & its important you are involved/have a voice.
  • Transport to school
    This explains how you can get help to get to school/college.
  • SENDIAS referral and exit form
    This explains how you can get in touch with us & also when we would stop working with you.
  • Guide for young people aged 16 to 25 on how to resolve SEND disagreements
    This explains what to do if you are unhappy with the support you are getting.























Useful links

Here are some links  you might find useful:

The Council for Disabled Children website has lots of resources and help for young people.

Here is a leaflet produced by a young person giving information about preparing for a Review Meeting.

You can find out more information about SENDIAS services on the IAS webpage. The website also has a short video that explain the help you can expect, and your rights.









You can also watch this video to find out how a SENDIAS service can help you.







We welcome your views. Tell us how we have helped you by either completing our Young Person Survey document and sending it to us (see contact details below) or you can fill in the form by clicking on this online link.









Contact Details

Find us

Family Action, Solihull SENDIAS, 11-13 Land Lane, Marston Green, Solihull B37 7DE (The office is open Monday to Friday all year except bank holidays.)

Tel: 0121 516 5173 (there is a 24 hour answer machine)
Email: [email protected]