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Lincolnshire Behaviour Outreach Support Service (BOSS) has been commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council.  We primarily work with Lincolnshire mainstream schools and academies to support pupils displaying distressed behaviour that is compromising their learning and school attendance, and/or the learning of their peers, and who are at risk of exclusion.

Our aims

To reduce the number of Lincolnshire pupils at risk of exclusion and those suspended or excluded.

To ensure that all Lincolnshire pupils have their needs met within mainstream provision, thus reducing the number of pupils that require alternative or more specialist provision or statutory intervention (unless appropriate in order to meet their identified needs).

To increase the confidence and skills of Lincolnshire mainstream schools and academies, including parents/carers, in order to better support them to understand the causative factors of distressed behaviours and develop consistent strategies that can be utilised both within the school and at home.

Over 70% of young people at risk of exclusion referred to us remained in education.

Our work

The Lincolnshire BOSS team offers mainstream schools/academies across Lincolnshire a wide range of support to meet their ongoing needs, which consists of 3 elements:

Targeted support: BOSS provide a package of flexible high-quality targeted outreach support, delivered to mainstream schools and academies for pupils at risk of exclusion. Including direct-evidence-based interventions (one-to-one or small groups) or workshops for pupils, delivered within the school setting (where it has been identified that direct support with pupils is appropriate). Direct evidence-based interventions shall include, but not limited to, trauma-informed, restorative solutions focused and strengths-based approaches, and shall also be provided with an understanding of cognitive development, emotional wellbeing and nurture. This may include seamless partnership working with other relevant services to ensure the pupil accesses the right intervention support in order to meet their needs.

Intensive Support: BOSS provides bespoke support for pupils transitioning from alternative and specialist provision to mainstream. This includes working in partnership to develop a bespoke plan, which could include direct evidence-based work with pupils and training for school staff to ensure a seamless and successful transition for the pupil back into their mainstream school.

Training: BOSS have a comprehensive training offer which we offer both virtually and in person. BOSS currently offer the following training:

  • De-escalation and Regulation
  • Attachment and Trauma
  • Relational Awareness
  • Profile of Demand Avoidance
  • ADHD
  • Understanding Behaviour as a Communication
  • Supporting Pupils with SEND
  • Whole School Approach to Nurture
  • Primary Behaviour Support Hubs
  • Secondary Behaviour Support Hubs
  • Transition to Primary School
  • Transition from Primary School to Secondary School

Our virtual training offer is designed for individual school staff  to attend, to find out more about our virtual training offer and register please click here

Thank you so much for the training, it has been really useful to learn the neuroscience and how to support children in the classroom. You delivered it in a clear and understandable way, we liked the examples given.

Useful downloads

Download our Short BOSS Flyer highlighting the work of the BOSS service. For more detailed information, download our four-page BOSS Leaflet.

Other useful downloads:

The BOSS service have also produced a number of useful short training and information videos, available via the Family Action YouTube channel.

Lincolnshire BOSS twitter feed for regular updates

I am astounded in the difference you have made to my daughter. I haven’t seen her this happy in a long time! Thank you for listening – without your help I’m sure that things would have got worse

Excellent support for staff working directly with XX, they felt empowered to support to a high level. Training commented as excellent. A great service, very useful and supportive.

Contact Details

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Lincolnshire BOSS

Room 15

Fairfield Enterprise Centre

Lincoln Way

Louth  LN11 0LS

Tel: 01507 308908

Email: [email protected]